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Volume 2

English edition

Information is a wonderful weapon.

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Descrizione prodotto


Information is a wonderful weapon.

Do not search for the word “LONGEVI-CANIS” in the dictionary, because it does not exist.

The need of coining this term should officially open the doors to a yet to be explored and minimally studied world, which is exclusively addressed to our dogs’ wellbeing and longevity. The new laws on pet feed industry and the assistance we should give them are clear: nowadays dogs are considered, in many ways, just like people.
This book wants to give you the opportunity of confronting yourself, armed with more objectivity, with topics that are still poorly understood and debated and have access to information that could radically change your dogs’ life, putting yourself in a position where you can decide with your own head.

The content of this book, in its e-version, has been divided into two volumes.

The first volume contains a lot of data: besides the concepts of aging and the statistics concerning a dog’s life expectancy based on breed, weight, sterilization/castration (or not) and common pathologies of a determined breed, data you should find useful at the moment of choosing your dog, the instructions on how to choose the perfect veterinarian who will follow your dog for all life, information absolutely not to underestimate, it has been widely developed a part on industrial pet food, studied keeping in mind the needs of who decides to choose this kind of diet for his dog.
Many will certainly know the topics about labelling, but how exactly do you evaluate what is inside your dog’s food?
Forbidden raw materials, splitting, what happens with vitamins and why do croquettes contains beet are just a few examples which surely deserve further attention. For those who want to know more about this, there are many references to current European laws.

The second volume contains several tips and advices for those who want to feed their dog homemade food, recommendations of veterinarians specialized in nutrition, on sports activities and how to create an Agility course in your backyard – a dog behaviourist’s advices, a dog’s dental care told by specialists, the -studies on ovariectomy from the perspective of longevity, vaccines: mandatory, facultative and unnecessary or not recommended ones, also the dangers of climate changes, dog spas, doga, holistic medicine, bio-regenerative treatments and therapies and how to perform a relaxing massage to your dog at home without having specific knowledge.

All of this from the perspective of longevity.

All of this only for love.

Information is a wonderful weapon.

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

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Autore Bozena Kasztelan


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